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Embark on a journey of innovation and creativity with AVGCI’s industry-aligned 3D animation courses in Pune. Study in Pune 3D animation Courses from foundational principles to advanced techniques, our 3D animation training programs in Pune empower you to carve a niche for yourself in the ever-evolving world of animation.

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What is Animation ?

Animation is the captivating art of animating static images, creating the illusion of movement. From hand-drawn sketches to computer-generated graphics, it encompasses a variety of styles that enthrall audiences globally. Through its ability to tell stories, evoke emotions, and inspire imagination, animation captivates viewers of all ages and cultures.

Utilizing sequences of images, animation breathes life into visuals, playing a pivotal role in filmmaking, education, marketing, and medical sectors for engaging and informative content.


Leading Animation Institute In Pune

Dreaming of a career in animation in Pune? Look no further than AVGCI to make those dreams a reality! With our expert guidance and hands-on 3D animation training in Pune, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive your career in 3D animation in Pune. 

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What do we offer in Animation Courses In Pune?

Immerse yourself in the world of animation through our array of courses designed to refine your expertise in 3D Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Animation, Rendering, Digital Sculpting, Compositing, and staying updated on Industry trends.

Animation Training Courses

Dive into the realm of animation with our diverse range of courses tailored to hone your skills in 3D Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Animation, Rendering, Digital Sculpting, Compositing, and Industry trends.

Fundamentals of 3D Animation Training

Begin your animation adventure by grasping the fundamentals of 3D animation principles. Acquire the skills to create captivating 3D models, animate characters and objects, and excel in the intricacies of lighting and effects to produce captivating visuals.

Advanced 3D Animation Training 

Take your abilities to new heights with our Advanced 3D Animation course. Perfect for graduates of our introductory program or individuals with similar experience, this course explores advanced techniques in modeling, rigging, and animating characters and objects.

 Maya Pro Training 

Become a Maya expert with our Maya Pro course, focusing on the industry-standard 3D animation software. Explore Maya’s complexities, mastering the art of crafting intricate 3D models, character animation, and harnessing lighting and effects for professional-grade outcomes.

 TCS Maya Pro Training 

Step into the world of TCS Maya with our tailored course. Delve into the myriad features of this powerful 3D animation software, honing your skills in modeling, character animation, and the utilization of lighting and effects to create refined end results.

 Houdini Pro Training 

Tap into the full potential of Houdini, a dynamic 3D animation software highly revered across diverse industries. Enroll in our Houdini Pro course to gain the skills needed to create detailed 3D models, animate characters and objects, and utilize advanced lighting and effects techniques, ensuring your projects achieve flawless outcomes.

Blender Pro Training

Uncover the boundless capabilities of Blender, a powerful open-source 3D animation software, through our Blender Mastery course. Delve into its extensive features and learn to unleash its complete potential as you delve into crafting intricate 3D models, animating characters, and mastering the use of lighting and effects to achieve results of professional caliber.

Career Opportunities in Animation Industry

Passionate about art? The animation industry beckons with a plethora of career paths. Fueled by rising demand in entertainment, advertising, education, and gaming, it’s undergoing rapid expansion. Here’s a peek into some key roles:

Animation Artist Jobs

Animation artists breathe life into characters and objects through various techniques like 2D hand-drawn animation, 3D computer-generated animation, and stop-motion animation. They find their canvas in diverse fields such as film, television, advertising, gaming, and web design.

 Character Designer Jobs 

Crafting both appearance and personality, character designers bring project visions to life. Collaborating with directors and creatives, they sculpt characters that resonate visually and thematically across film, television, advertising, and gaming.

Art Director Jobs 

Art directors shape the visual style and essence of a project. Collaborating closely with directors, producers, and creative teams, they ensure a unified visual narrative across mediums like film, television, advertising, and gaming.

  Visual Effects Artist Jobs 

 Masters of awe-inspiring effects, VFX artists create magic across film, television, and gaming. Using techniques like 3D modeling, compositing, and motion graphics, they spin intricate visual narratives across platforms in entertainment, advertising, and gaming.

Storyboard Artist Jobs

Storyboard Artist translate scripts into visual sequences, serving as the blueprint for projects. Working hand in hand with directors and creatives, they sketch out the visual trajectory across various mediums such as film, television, advertising, and gaming.

Animation Salary Details

Position Level Starting At Ends At
Entry-Level Positions
₹200,000 Per Year
₹500,000 per year
Mid-Level Positions
₹500,000 per year
15,000 ₹ to 75,000 ₹ per Month
Senior-Level Positions
₹1,500,000 per year

3,500,000 per year

Freelance Rates

₹500 hourly rates

₹3,000 hourly rates

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which animation course is most suitable for beginners at AVGCI?

At AVGCI, we provide a diverse range of animation courses tailored specifically for beginners. Whether your interest lies in 2D or 3D animation, our experienced team is on hand to assist you in selecting the course that best aligns with your current skills and future aspirations.

2. Do you offer short-term animation courses at AVGCI?

Absolutely! We offer short-term animation courses that cover essential concepts and practical skills necessary for entering the dynamic animation industry. These courses typically span from a few months to a year, providing accelerated pathways into the field.

3. What is the duration of the advanced 3D animation course at AVGCI?

Our advanced 3D animation course is meticulously structured to provide comprehensive training in advanced techniques and industry-standard software. The duration may vary depending on the depth of the curriculum and the level of study.

4. Are specialized workshops or masterclasses included in your animation courses?

Yes, we regularly conduct workshops and masterclasses led by industry professionals. These sessions enrich the learning experience by offering valuable insights into the latest trends and state-of-the-art technologies in animation.

5. Can I enroll in multiple animation courses simultaneously at AVGCI?

While it's possible to enroll in multiple courses, we recommend focusing on one course at a time to ensure optimal understanding and skill development. Our dedicated advisors are available to help you create a customized learning path that aligns with your goals.

6. Are there financial aid or scholarship opportunities available for animation courses at AVGCI?

Recognizing the significance of investing in education, we offer various financial aid options, including scholarships and flexible installment plans. Please contact our admissions team for detailed information regarding eligibility requirements and application procedures.